Can’t renew my MSN premium subscription

 I Can’t renew my MSN premium subscription ! Please help!

If you want to renew my MSN premium subscription then fallow these steps:-

To renew your subscription,

  • GO to your Microsoft Account.
  • Go to Services & subscriptions. .
  • Select Turn on auto-renew.
  • To renew without turning on auto-renew, select Renew and follow the instructions. If you don’t see Renew, the subscription may have started with a prepaid card. You can buy a new subscription at Microsoft Store. Or, you might have a past-due balance that must be resolved before you can renew. When you’re done, we’ll send an email confirming the renewal.
  • For more info Call on 1–877–701–2611 toll free number

Note: For greater security, Microsoft websites that contain personal information now require

additional validation. You will be required to enter additional security proof before accessing

your account.

renew my MSN premium subscription

To learn more about the additional security requirements Call Support Number 1-877-701-2611 Toll Free For Renew MSN Service Support

46 thoughts on “Can’t renew my MSN premium subscription

  1. Elmare Bean

    I have attempted for the last five or so days to renew my Microsoft account. I have even called the listed number, and left messages, but to no avail. I also believe that I was on the automatic renewal plan.

    1. Renne

      I have tried for 3 days to Renew MSN Premium Account. My system will not open to the last step but goes pack and starts over. I wish to renew my premium account services, we have not been able to get thru on the phone. In this situation, i follow the important steps given @ How do I renew my MSN Premium subscription? and getting a quick solution. Thank you guys will also get quick solution related to your queries. Call @ +1-855-785-2511 or visit @ for best solutions.

  2. Betsy

    EVERY SINGLE YEAR MSN cancels my service. Every year. Do they WANT MY MONEY OR NOT? Because having to have an ACT OF GOD to change my payment method and/or just PAY MY BILL is REALLY ANNOYING. And it’s REALLY ANNOYING EVERY SINGLE YEAR. The system hangs. I get a blank screen. I get error messages. I get messages saying “come back later”. Again, MSN, DO YOU WANT MY MONEY OR NOT????? Your customer service is rotten.

  3. Jason

    Hello MSN User,

    Benefits of a MSN Premium subscription:

    Increased Daily sending limit.

    Storage space will be increased from 5 GB to 10 GB ( Primary Email address )

    Unlimited storage under local machine.

    Send attachments up to 25 MB.

    Increased number of recipient’s, to which you can send emails.

    MacAfee antivirus and Webroot Spy Sweeper .

    Phone technical support 24/7.

    For more information on the subscription details please check the given link


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  5. Olivia

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  7. TwilaVam

    I have updated my payment method and also updated my security of my email. Now I am able to access my email account. My Msn is update successfully, Thanks MSN Technical team to help me a lot.

  8. Kye

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  9. Neldaorgah

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  10. Seabe

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  11. Joseph

    Best support services to update my MSN Premium Subscription. My subscription automatically renews and I do not lose my any information due to non-renewal.

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