MSN Explorer

MSN Explorer is a very attractive browser, which will not only allow us to visit our favorite websites, it will also give us the opportunity to send an email, reach our online calendar and chat with our contacts. It is a version of Internet Explorer that has been modified to create most of the services that MSN provides to its consumers, and thus is not using a different mail manager, instant messaging client and browser. The interface is very simple, very colorful and has large icons in it, so it is easy to use any one of these devices, because it is not necessary to browse through the menu to find any options. This can be an ideal development for the youngest members of the house, who are still not familiar with the use of PCs because it is easy to handle and all those things that are necessary to know all those possibilities Offer for Internet.

MSN Explorer

MSN Explorer is an application that helps you browse all the contents on the Internet.

MSN Explorer integrates well with MSN portal.

Outstanding features of MSN Explorer include:

– Easy to use: There are different tools that make web pages more dynamic;

– Shared session starters: When a session starts in this app, it automatically starts sessions in MSN Hotmail and MSN Messenger;

– The task of completing the web address automatically with the e-mail name and password;

– Trouble-free migration: You can export the content of your ‘Favorites’ folder from Internet Explorer and Outlook Express contacts;

– A guided introduction to each feature to familiarize you with the device;

– Built-in multimedia player;

– Frequent Updates

If you are a regular user of MSN tools, then this browser will help you easily access those applications and all web content in general.

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