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Renew MSN Premium Account and Install MSN Billing Software

 MSN Account Service Bill Pay

Renew MSN Premium Account and Install MSN Billing Software

Your MSN Premium Subscription has now become easier to unsubscribe so that any problems, problems and errors with MSN in your membership are correct. Complete MSN billing, update billing information, which gives your MSN renewal success. Fix the problem on updating your billing information on your MSN account and using information for your membership.

Renew MSN Premium Account and Install MSN Billing Software

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Install MSN Premium

How to Install MSN Premium? – MSN Member Center

Ensure that you are connected to the Internet before downloading and installing client software.

1. Open a new browser, visit https://membercenter.msn.com/article.aspx?pa=MC_ART_DownloadMSNSoftware

2. Sign-in using the primary email account

3. Download the latest MSN software and click Install and click on “Install Now”

4. When prompted click on “Run” and follow the download instructions.

5. On your desktop you should see an icon “MSN Installer”. It can take up to one or two minutes for the installer icon to come to the desktop

Note: If you do not see “copying files” or “installation wizard” even after a minute or two click MSNInstaller.exe to launch the installation wizard

6. Are you currently connected to the internet? Page Please select that I am currently connected to the Internet and click Next

7. Please enter your email address / password on the next screen and click Next

Note: If you have a dial-up subscription and currently using DSL or LAN connection, then now configure dial-up internet access? Please select the page, no, I will configure dial-up internet access later and click on next

8. Enter your name as shown on the review and sign the contract page and click on Accept

9. Click Next to complete the installation.

10. After the installation is complete the installation wizard will stop and you must click on MSN.exe on your desktop to launch MSN Client.

Note: Please sign in with your MSN email address and password to check the private message

If you need further assistance, please Call +1-877-701-2611 Toll Free