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Can’t renew my MSN premium subscription

How do I renew my MSN Premium subscription?

To renew your subscription,

  • go to https://commerce.microsoft.com
  • Click on ‘subscriptions’ then click on ‘manage’
  • Make sure your payment information up to date
  • To update payment information, click on ‘payment options’ at the top of the page
  • For information about canceling a service, click on‘subscriptions’
  • For help with your account, click ‘help’.

Note: For greater security, Microsoft websites that contain personal information now require additional validation. You will be required to enter additional security proof before accessing your account.

To learn more about the additional security requirements Call Support Number 1-800-515-1044.

Renew MSN Premium

Renew MSN Premium, Renew my subscription

Follow these steps to renew your MSN premium:

  1. Open your browser and go to My Account Page and sign in with your Primary email address and password which is associated with MSN Explorer Subscription.
  2. Click the My account link at the top of the page and select the My subscriptions option.
  3. Click on Edit profile.
  4. Follow the instructions to renew your subscription.

If you need further assistance, Call at 1-800-515-1044.

Renew My MSN Premium subscription

How to Renew My MSN Premium subscription?

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  1. Open your browser and go to My Account Page and sign in with your Primary email address and password which is associated with MSN Explorer Subscription.Renew My MSN Premium subscription
  2. Click the My account link at the top of the page and select the My subscriptions option.
  3. Click on Edit profile.Renew My MSN Premium subscription
  4. Follow the instructions to renew your subscription.
  5. Select Your payment option OR way to pay
  6. Choose the drop down arrow under Add or select a payment method.Renew My MSN Premium subscriptionSelect the credit card or bank account that you want to use, then choose Submit. If the credit card or bank account that you want to use isn’t listed yet, choose New credit card or New bank account to add it.

 If any Trouble? Call +1-800-515-1044 Customer Support.

Renew MSN Premium Account

How to Renew MSN Premium Account?

  1. To Renew MSN Premium Account, Sign in to your services and subscriptions page with your Microsoft account.Renew MSN Premium Account
  2. Sign-in with Microsoft Account.Renew MSN Premium Account login
  3. Find the subscription you want to manage in the list, then select Renew.Renew MSN Premium Account
  4. Follow the instructions.

Note: If you don’t see a link to Renew, you’ll need to buy the subscription again. Check out the Microsoft Store.

If you need further assistance, Call +1-800-515-1044.

MSN Customer Service Number

How to Contact MSN customer service number?

We are an authentic email technical support service provider. Our technical support service is very easy and may be available at a very low cost. We have created cost-effective email support packages for customers who support multiple browser client packages. Customers should select these email technical support modules as per your requirement. We have a team of technical sound and skilled technical consultants who are well aware of common email technical errors, can give you the best suggestions and take quick steps to fix MSN email issues.

You can get the solution for:
• MSN sign up and sign in errors

• Password Reset and Recovery Problems

• Send / Receive Email Issues

• file attachment problems

• MSN or Windows Live Messenger support

• Email client setup with POP3 / IMAP account

• Backing up email

• Issues related to error diagnosis and repair

• Spam email errors and many more

So if you have hit your MSN email account in the technical issues mentioned above, then call the MSN Customer Support Number any time as you need technical assistance in relation to your MSN email account.

If you need further assistance, Call +1-800-515-1044.

msn customer care

How to contact MSN Customer Support?

We provides technical support on a range of technical issues. MSN users are facing many technical problems on a daily basis. Since MSN is among the world’s largest user bases, therefore, there is a huge need for remote technical support to shoot many problems that users unable to deal with on their own.

One of the biggest problems that spam mail has surfaced is that spam mails are large-scale broadcast emails sent for commercial purposes, primarily for advertisements or promotional activities. Spam mails search their way directly into the user’s inbox, which can make the entire process a lot of trouble for them. Users often are not able to find important emails found in their inbox because they get many spam mails. The MSN customer support number provides support for handling spam mail and separating them into a separate folder. Remote technical support is also provided to stop spam mail from users completely. Users can follow a few simple steps through which they can solve the risk of spam mail completely.

Password recovery can also open as a major hurdle for users. Users are often unable to remember the password of their email account. Recovery of their old password can be a bit of a user issue, not familiar with the required steps involved in password recovery. MSN Customer Support Assistance allows US users to shoot different password-related problems. Users can retrieve lost or forgotten passwords by following the instructions of trained professionals in the MSN Customer Support United States. MSN users can easily retrieve their password using their alternate email id by following a few simple steps. Users can follow the password password option, which will take them to the Password Recovery page. Once the password or password change settings are sent to the alternate email ID of the user, with an OTP number. Users can avail of this service at their registered mobile number.

MSN services information and support options

  • MSN home page
  • MSN Support home
  • Windows Live HotmailHotmail is a free e-mail service that is provided by Microsoft. Support is available by e-mail. For more information, visit the following Web site:

MSN Customer Support for subscribed services

Visit the following Web site:


Sign in by using your Windows Live ID, and then select the subscribed service with which you want help.

MSN Customer Support is available by telephone for subscribed (paid) services.

Note For account verification, you must have available the credit card that is associated with your MSN membership.

If you need further assistance, Call +1-800-515-1044. 

MSN Premium Download

How to Download MSN Premium?

In order to install Msn software please follow the steps listed below:

1.     Open a Web Browser or Internet Explorer window by clicking on the blue “e” icon on the    Desktop.

2.     In the Internet Explorer (Browser) window, type http://membercenter.msn.com/ in the address bar and press Enter.

3.     Once the page loads, click on the Sign In button and enter your MSN e-mail address and password.

4.     Click Download MSN Software on the right-hand side.

5.     Click Download and install the latest MSN software.

6.     Click the Install Now button.

7.     Click Run in the File Download box. This will initiate the download of MSN’s Installation Wizard which may take about 2 to 5 minutes. You may be prompted to click Run again.

8.     On the next window, choose “Yes, I’m currently connected to the Internet.”

9.     Enter your primary “MSN e-mail address” and passwords in the field provided and click next.

10.   The next page after will prompt you to accept the MSN service agreement.  To accept and continue with the installation, type your name in the blank field exactly as it appears, then select “I Accept.”

11.   In the Installation option page, select “Typical” and click on Next. (If you want to pick & choose components choose Custom)

12.   It will display a list of components that are being installed.  The rest of the download and installation should take from 30-45 minutes. It depends on your computer and connection speed. Click on Finish once it appears on the screen.

13.    The MSN welcome screen will show up and you can sign-in to MSN.

If you need additional support, contact us @ +1-800-515-1044.